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Mercury Vapor
High Pressure Sodium
Metal Halide
Metal Halide
Pressure Sodium
Compact HQI - T Single ended
Ceramic single ended Metal Halide ( CDMT )

Ceramic Single Ended Metal
Halide Reflector
( CDMT )

Compact HQI - T Double ended
Ceramic Metal Halide Double ended ( CDMT )
SOX - E Low
pressure Sodium
MR 16 Dichroic

Linear Halogen Double Ended

Straight Fluorescent
Compact Fluorescent
2U & 3U
2 pin & 4 pin

Compact Fluorescent

Infrared Reflector - Hard Glass
Hi Spot 120 PAR 38
Hi Spot 95 PAR 30
PAR 38 Reflector Lamp




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