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Inventive LED Flashlight, the stamina flashlight

Inventive LED Flashlights will Light On continuously for more than 120 hours on a set of 3 AA size Sony Super batteries****

Most LED flashlights last 3-15 hours on one set of batteries. Inventive LED Flashlights last up to 10 times longer***
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         Model No:

  • LED nova Cosmic LN-01
    S$3.50 / US$2.50 per pc**
  • LED nova Cosmic LN-04
    S$3.50 / US$2.50 per pc**
  • LED nova Survivor LN-02 (Bigger Lens)
    S$4.50 / US$3.00 per pc**
  • LED nova Laura LN-03 (Bigger Lens)
    S$4.50 / US$3.00 per pc**

  LN-04 3 AA LED Flashlights in Red, Blue and Yellow color

  • Dimensions: D:37mm L:193mm
  • Weight: 47 gm*
  • Batteries: 3 AA size 
  • Packaging: Printed carton, Blister pack or Plain carton


  • Main Features

  • High Quality 100,000 hrs Ultra Bright White 5mm LED

  • High Output Super Bright 8KK to 10KK White light 

  • Proprietary LED Integrated Magnifying Double Convex Focused Lens for round pointed beam

  • Light on for more than 1000 hours with one set of 3 AA size Alkaline batteries with intermittent use

  • Very Popular in Frequent Power Shut Down Countries

  • More energy efficient and practical than Rechargeable Torch Lights

  • Built to Last Quality at Economical Prices

  • Heavy Duty and can withstand 1 Meter Drop

  • Made of Tough Impact Resistant Polypropylene 

  • Comfort Grip with Lanyard 

  • Suitable for Low Cost Promotional Product

  • Life Time Warranty against Manufacturing Defects

  • Made by OEM Manufacturer of World Renowned Brands



* Without Batteries  ** Qty applies Reseller discount available  *** Test Results May Vary  **** SGD0.50-SGD0.70 for pack of 4 pcs

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