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Export Orders
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Buyers are requested to email to to enquire the price with shipping and the delivery status. 
Viclite will forward a proforma invoice or paypal money request to the buyer.
While most major currencies are accepted, orders are preferably processed in Singapore Dollars as they are most cost effective for the buyer
Viclite is a wholesaler and provide quantity discounts.

Payment Options
Wire transfers
This mode of payment is the most economical for medium to big amount transfers.
There is a fixed charge ranging from S$15.00 to S$50.00 depending on country and banker.
Please  request for our proforma invoice which will be provided for your wire transfer or t/t.
Please ensure the amount transferred  is the nett amount after banking transfer charges.

Viclite also accept secure payment through which protect the interest of both buyer and seller. You need not have a paypal account  to transfer money to us and just have to follow the procedure on the paypal FAQ.
Paypal charges about 3.5% commission for all transactions and also a currency exchange discount  of 3..5% for other currencies  for conversion to Singapore dollars. Therefore, it is more appropriate  to transfer in Singapore dollars where only 3.5% is passed on to the buyer as opposed to 7% for other currencies.
Paypal charges are additional to the  stated prices unless indicated otherwise.
Paypal accepts most credit cards and other funding options
As the paypal commission is percentage based, this mode of transfer is most appropriate for small to medium amount transfers.

Letters of Credit
This is for big orders only and terms and conditions are available from us

Viclite provides shipping to world wide customers.
For goods  which are in stock, ship out is generally within 3 working days.
Flexible invoicing documentation is provided.

Shipping Methods
Priority Courier
Viclite generally ship by priority courier which takes about 1-4 working days to arrive at buyer's address in most countries. 
The shipping charges are additional to the indicated prices and varies with different destination countries. 
Tracking is available for this mode of shipping. and because of the minimum charge, it is suitable for weights of 500 grams and above.
Insurance Coverage is available at a small additional premium. Please indicate to us if you wish to add this option.

Registered Air Articles
This Low cost shipping with tracking is only suitable for weights up to 500 grams
Generally applies to 1-5 pcs of  70W and 150W DE lamps where the shipping to USA is about USD12.00 for 2 pcs of the lamp. The shipping transit to the office of mail exchange is longer as per the following chart.
Insurance is not available with this shipping option.

Country Of Destination
(Major Cities/ Office of Mail Exchange)
Delivery Time
(Working Days)
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) 6-8
Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan) 7-9
Canada (Vancouver) 7-13
China, People's Republic of (Beijing, Guangzhou) 7-10
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 5-7
India (Madras, Mumbai, Calcutta) 8-12
Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, Batam) 7-12
Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) 5-7
Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu) 8-10
New Zealand (Auckland) 8-10
Taiwan (Taipei) 8-10
Thailand (Bangkok) 8-10
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 7-10
United Kingdom (London, Glasgow) 6-10
United States of America (San Francisco, New York, Honolulu) 8-14
Other Destinations in Asia and Territories in the Pacific 7-12
Other Destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America 8-14

Air freight
This is for bigger volume orders only and terms and conditions are avallable from us

Sea freight
This is for big volume orders only and terms and conditions are avallable from us

Refund Policy
Viclite also export goods which are in company stock or specially imported from Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers, upon customer payment or deposit. While the company will try it's best to adhere to the delivery date, implied or stated, the company has not absolute control over the delivery status by the suppliers  and the customers shall not entitled to any refund claims for deliveries up to 30 days beyond the stated or implied delivery. Consequential claims are not permitted and request for refunds or exchange of goods will be given only at the discretion of the company  whose decision is final. By entering into an purchase agreement with the company, the clients are deemed to be in acceptance of the policies of the company.

Viclite will not sell, trade, or disclose any of the personal information given by you 

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