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Radio Active Self Luminous Exit Signs
PSB approved and suitable for hazardous locations

Cost Comparison between 10 sets of Electrical Exit light and 10 sets of Self Luminous Exit Sign over a 10 year period*


8 W exit light

Self Powered Exit Sign

Cost of 10 sets S$750.00 S$3500.00
Installation Cost for 10 sets S$2000.00 (with wiring) S$300.00 (no wiring)
Power Consumption 13W X 10 sets 0
Power Consumption per year 1,138 KW 0
Power Consumption per 10 years 11,380 KW 0
Electricity Cost 25 cents/KWH 0
Electricity Cost for 10 years S$2845.00 0
Total operating cost for 10 years S$5,595.00 S$3,800.00
*Did not take into consideration the following
1)The life span of the exit light which is about 5 years
2) The lamp life which is about 5,000 hours
3)Maintenance and replacement cost for the above